Agile llama

Helping digital agencies get agile

Agile for agencies? Sounds tricky...

Digital agencies can indeed be a tricky place to get truly agile, but conversely switching to agile could help you more than most. That's why Agile llama is here, to help you scale the agile heights and get the full benefit from agile for agencies. Benefits such as greater client engagement, faster projects or just better quality.

Whether you don't know anything about agile other than it's a hipster buzzword, or you are already trying to adopt agile practices, Agile llama can help you get the most out of your agile adoption. We offer coaching, consultancy, old fashioned advice or even hands on help on projects.

OK good, but who are you?

Agile Llama was set up by Tim Saunders, ex development director of The Cogworks. A successful digital agency that adopted agile practice to boost turnover and profits. He's also used agile to run large projects for some pretty large clients, adapting and changing techniques to the unique concerns of a busy digital agency.

Tim drove the agile adoption across the agency and worked with clients hands on to help them understand the agile techniques that were often new to them. He's worked in digital agencies for over 15 years always driving change and implementing new techniques.

So what do you offer then?


We can work with you to speed up your agile adoption or help you solve problems you may be having. We can provide coaching and facilitation for you or your teams so you get the best results from your agile adoption.


Perhaps you're not sure agile is for you, or just need some advice on where to get started. We can provide ongoing consultancy to help you drive your agile adoption forward.


If you're already using agile techniques, perhaps you need a product owner or project manager for a specific project. We can provide product owner (proxy product owner) and project management for all sizes of agile projects.